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​When your technician arrives, they will do a thorough walk-thru with you, explaining what they think will or will not clean up, along with the cost. With the latest carpet cleaning technology, we have developed methods powerful enough to penetrate many kinds of stains for removal and enzymes to help deactivate the odor. We can also use fabric protector that improves, preserves and prolongs the color, fabric and life of the carpet.

Xtreme Carpet Care provides professional carpet cleaning services that ensure your home and office are not only clean, but also healthy environments for work and play. Many people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, and indoor levels of many pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels.

After 9 days away chaperoning a volleyball trip to Anaheim, I returned to find my dear, innocent kitty had gone potty on the couch--probably in retaliation for being left alone. (That's how kitties roll.) After calling and leaving messages with several cleaners and receiving no returned calls, I was happy to get a real live person on the phone at Xtreme Carpet. Their cleaners just happened to be in my area and finishing up a job so they were at my home in an hour. They cleaned the sofa and my highly used family room carpet; using special enzymes to eliminate pet stains. Both are sparkling clean and smell like a dream. The staff was polite, professional and friendly. I highly recommend their services. Especially to pet owners. (We also have two large boxers!)
D. Mai

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