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Specialized treatments of stains such as blood, ink, paint, vomit, pet urine, tea, coffee, ink, red dyes etc. or odor removal are an additional charge. These services can only be accurately estimated by an on-site technician. Your technician will complete a full walk-through with you on-site to go over any additional treatments and charges.

Phone estimates are given sight unseen and we rely on your information provided over the phone. If rooms are left out of your description or are larger than described, we will make adjustments to pricing before cleaning. All of our pricing is based on standard room size; larger areas that exceed 250 sq.ft. will be counted as two or more, or oversize room charges will apply. Before we start service, we will provide you with an exact price for cleaning, and any extra products our technicians recommend.  

Our technicians will do their best to manage your expectations throughout the cleaning process. Prices only valid for our service area. $8.50 will be charged to cover the water we use and for the time it takes to safely dispose of your dirty water. A $25 charge may be applied for difficult set ups (ie 2nd or 3rd floors, middle of an apartment complex).